About Us

DXI Marketing is a Business growth company focused on helping business grow their revenue by the efficient and effective application of Marketing Strategies.
We help businesses to tap into growth areas by providing market insights and strategy direction, creating communication for use in advertising and PR endeavors, creating platforms that aggregate customers for brands to leverage on and lastly by providing marketing training to businesses and individuals

  • Market Strategy

    We carefully analyze clients expectations along with the behavior of their market, their customers, their competitions and their value drivers to determine the best route to achieve and exceed marketing objectives, and then execute it effectively across the selected channels
  • Online & Traditional Advertising

    We are a Digital First Agency and always have an online approach to any brief sent, however we handle all advertising briefs ATL & BTL. You can see some of our advertising work here
  • Trainings

    We discovered that the best clients to work with are those with a good understanding of how marketing works so our training programs start from Digital Marketing but covers all the gamuts of marketing available
  • Content Creation

    We create all types of media content – Videos (TV Commercials, 3D & 2D Animations, Short skits and Online Videos) Graphic Designs (Branding, Press materials, Brochures, Signage Designs, Portfolios e.t.c) Audio (Radio Jingles, Radio Commercials)


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Our Partners


DXI Marketing is part of the Creativexone group. Our Parent company provides strategic direction and industry experience we can leverage


Our Market activation partners give us the much needed leverage, contacts and structure needed to deliver on extensive nationwide briefs


MediaStamp our media buying partners provide us with strategic direction and insight in making our media buying decisions that deliver high ROI on clients spend.