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The #BlackCrabCycle Pt 1

Crab soup   Do you know that when a big business asks you, a small business to do a job and does not pay you an upfront, it is equivalent to them borrowing money from you? Some will tell you their policy is 30-60 days to process the PO before money is released.  That is [...]
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Dangote Ram Selfie Campaign

  In September 2016, Id el Kabir a muslim festivity meaning “The Feast of Sacrifice” came and our partners Dangote Salt decided it wanted to leverage on this wonderful time of the year to engage her fans using her digital platforms. Id el Kabir honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son, as […]

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Innovate or Die!

Change is so constant that how the word “change” is spelt might change within the next few years, things have evolved so differently from how we used to know them and this either has a negative or positive effect on you or your brand based on what side of the divide you stand. For brands, […]

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Project REACh

Project REACh is an initiative of LUMENS10 Global Limited with a core objective to support improvement in the standard of education not only in Lagos State but in Nigeria at large. The project aims to identify and reward academic excellence amongst students and across schools; by rewarding outstanding performance and creating healthy completion in schools’ […]

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